we interviewed the best FPL managers in the UK fantasy premier league community, currently ranking among the top 200 positions out of 5.7 million FPL managers all over the world (so they definetely know how to win at daily fantasy sports), to understand their strategy and finding out fantasy premier league tips useful for the Sportito Fans. On this article, they shared  tips on how to be successful in Fantasy Premier League.


These daily fantasy tips will benefit any player, whether you are a mere beginner or a seasoned veteran in a bad spot, and with them, you can up your game and surpass your adversaries, or at the very least, level the playing field.

FPL Success Tips #1 : PATIENCE

I can’t stress this word enough. To be a successful FPL manager, you need to be patient. Very patient. I am against making early transfers and usually wait until Friday’s press conferences to make my decision. Early transfers should only be made when it is absolutely necessary and that is a very rare occasion. Wait until you have all the necessary information to make the best decision that you cannot regret.

Secondly, give your players a chance! Numerous times I see managers transfer a player in, he blanks and they take him straight out. Remember why you bought that player in the first place and as long as they are getting the chances and still have good fixtures, there’s no reason to take them out straight away.

FPL Success Tips #2 : BALANCE

Your team needs to be balanced. The Premier League is a crazy League. There are weeks with many goals and then there are weeks that are very low scoring. If you have a balanced squad, you are prepared for whatever results the league throws at us. Having a ‘power front 7’ is useless if it’s a week where all the expensive defenders come out on top and your rank will suffer.  Similarly, having 4/5 expensive defenders with a weak attack will cost you dearly in weeks where there are plenty of goals. Pick defenders from teams that keep clean sheets and have some sort of attacking threat. That way you still have a choice of getting points should your defenders concede a goal. Balance is key in the long term!



FPL Success Tips #3 : BE BORING

Sorry to say, but in my opinion, you need to be boring to do well! Pick the obvious captain, transfer in the obvious player and don’t make a knee-jerk transfer. It has been an effective strategy for me and anytime in the past when I have tried to be a bit clever, it hardly ever works out and you miss out on easy points.

FPL Success Tips #4 : TRANSFERS

I cannot stress this enough. DO NOT take minus points for transfers unless absolutely necessary. For example, your player is injured/suspended and the player you are bringing in is has the form and fixtures. By not taking minus points, you technically are starting with a green arrow, as you will pass people above you that have taken -4/-8, great start to the gameweek! Saving a transfer is a tactic I have deployed this season more than ever before and it works wonders. It gives you the chance to do a ‘mini wildcard’ with 3 transfers for only a -4. (Both of my hits have been in this format).

FPL Success Tips #5 : PLAN

Plan ahead! There are always blank and double gameweeks so you need to make sure that the transfers you make before these weeks should take the double and blanks into consideration. Also, look at the non-premier league fixtures the team of your players have. The top teams always have Champions League and will go far in the domestic cups, so players will tend to be rotated. Make sure you have playing players on the bench. Every little point helps!



FPL Success Tips #6 : OVERALL RANK 

We all have our aims in FPL; the main one being to win a particular mini league. This can lead to decisions that might not maximize your points due to concentrating on beating one or two particular managers. If you only concentrate on your overall rank, then all these other things will fall into place. Don’t put too much emphasis on beating a rival as this might affect your transfer and captain decisions. Concentrate on your own team!

A good example of this was a couple of seasons ago I had my highest ever finish (573rd). I had a big rivalry with a friend that went to the final gameweek. I decided to risk it to overtake him and captained a particular donkey by the name of Benteke when the obvious captain was Aguero. Aguero scored and we all know that donkeys don’t score goals so I gave up the chance to be in the top 500 which I always regret!

FPL Success Tips #7 : BE THE MANAGER!

Finally, I feel like due to all the information available to us, as well as a lot of top managers on FPL revealing their teams, people just tend to copy others. Pick your own team/players! Watch the live games/Match of the Day and make your own decisions based on these as well as stats. Believe in your own judgment and it will pay off!

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TIPS #8 : Calculate the risks you are willing to take, but do not play too safe

DFS is undeniably a game of chance, but you can choose which one of them you want to take. In daily fantasy sports strategy different sports and different games offer various odds, and you should always take that into account. What you should focus on is the odds you are faced with: if you are facing 3-to-1 odds on a die roll, with just a 1-in-6 chance of getting the desired number, the negative expected value should put you off. However, in a case of 1-in-10 odds in the same roll, the presented risk should be attractive enough for you, as it sports a positive expected value.

DAILY FANTASY TIPS #9 : Handle your Bankroll carefully

A good DFS player will tell you that investing over 10% of what your bankroll won’t pay off, so that’s a word to the wise. Taking care of your bankroll and taking it into account when it comes to risks you take is essential for your long-term profit. Think of what will pay off in the long run, but if you feel that putting in more than half of your bankroll will secure your profit, you might be taking a greater gamble than you think.

TIPS #10 :  Evaluate daily, and use different sources, but take online sources seriously

There are many tools you as an advanced strategy player can use to aid you in predicting the outcomes of games and the betting odds you are facing. Some sites, like Sportito, will help you in this regard, likely even more so than the respected experts and commentators of sports. Behind a screen, a game is just a risk and an objective game of numbers. Use that to your advantage.

TIPS #10 :  Use the bonuses at your disposal

All of the sites you encounter while playing DFS will offer a deposit bonus upon your initial login. In addition, they might offer bonuses in different parts of the year, or reload bonuses, which you as an active player should use.

TIPS #11 : Learn the nature of the games

You want to maximize your winnings, so you should opt for the games with high-win probabilities. Usually, you want to play either 50/50 and Double-Ups, or the ‘Cash’ games. This is one of the most preferred daily fantasy sports tips among players once they realize it

Double-Ups will reward you with twice the amount of investment if you win and sport a 50/50 chance of winning, while games like Guaranteed Prize Pool games will have many entries and a hefty prize, with a smaller chance of winning. The latter ones you should tackle only when you feel comfortable with the games and your bankroll.

TIPS #12 : “Shop-around” for the best GPPs which you want to enter

Usually, in a correct daily fantasy sports strategy, GPPs will have pay-outs around the 18% mark, which means it is a contest that is profitable in relation to the money you will put in, and the odds you are facing.

TIPS #13 : Study the game and its tools

DFS offers a lot of strategies you can use to not only have fun but stay on top of your dollar. As a daily fantasy tip learn what plays are popular, what makes them useful and what they might add to your arsenal of immediate plays. Some frequently used are ‘fade’ and utilizing sites to form line-ups in football.

TIPS #14 : Don’t ‘force’ your luck – play when you want it

Fantasy Experts refrain from playing for the sake of playing, you are at your worst when you do things which you do not think through.

TIPS #15 : Don’t go in over your head

Sometimes, as fantasy premier league tips read on other sites, you might see an opportunity to take on multiple entries at once, but these are extremely risky and will require a substantial portion of your bankroll. Choose wisely.

TIPS #16 : Protect your winnings

In an advanced daily fantasy sports strategy if you find yourself winning a large prize, try not to switch to much higher stakes immediately. Fiddle with it and find a balance.

TIPS #17 : Stay in the loop

Staying in the loop is crucial for some sports, like the NFL, where an injury might cause a player to come out to the field only to spectate from a bench. Watch the news and stay tuned for any injuries that might affect your line-up.

TIPS #18 : Give it time

Sometimes teams and line-ups synergize very well, and you can read it in their playstyles. Follow games and the players, invest your focus into the process of monitoring, and learn which teams work together and which teams win.

TIPS #19 : Accept the flip side of risk

Sometimes, you will find yourself in a losing streak. The tip here is to accept defeat and not chase the losses by upping your investments just go gain back what you’ve had. As always, think long-term.

TIPS #20 : Use up the allotted salary cap

The salary cap you get is what you have to work with, but don’t stick with line-ups you see as optimal, but leave some space in the salary cap to allow for changes. The special thing on Sportito is that no salary cap restriction

TIPS #21 : Use multiple line-ups when you can

When you get a substantial bankroll going, try out multiple line-ups, as they will grant multiple chances to win.

TIPS #22 :  Be wary of Sleepers

All sports have young talents which are yet to achieve their full potential, and you might be tempted to use them in your line-up. However, they might not be at that stage yet. Be critical and wise when choosing your line-up; be a contrarian.

TIPS #23 : Come off the beaten path

If everyone is picking the same line-up in a tournament, picking the same players as everyone else might not give you an edge. Try adversity in your choice.

TIPS #24 : Don’t rush a line-up

If you can, set your line-up when you are confident you know every factor when it comes to its performance. Don’t set them up too far in advance.

TIPS #25 : Adapt to various sports

Not every sport will play the same, so choose your playstyle. Choose the method and the risk you will take.

TIPS #26 : Don’t fall prey to professional players

Don’t allow your ego to overstep its boundaries; professionals know what they are doing. If you want to keep your money, stay away from professional players and head-to-heads.

TIPS #27 : how to beat daily fantasy sports

Fantasy Football as well as the other fantasy sports are normally a pool gaming meaning that there is no bookmaker to beat like in the betting industry. You are playing vs your friends or most frequently vs a bigger community of fantasy managers. Advice is to check your opponents stats once they are public. Review their team, understand which player they like the most, this could be a very useful tip in H2H games to beat them

Good luck for the rest of the season!