Everyone enjoys winning, no matter what sport or activity is involved, and with daily fantasy sports, it’s never been easier! Well, depending on who you pick for your fantasy team that is. Nonetheless, it’s fun playing such games! You get to select your team by picking out the players according to their potential stats (or popularity; it depends on what you’re after). These games have grown in scope over the last couple of years, and more and more people have started playing them.


So why are daily fantasy premier leagues and daily fantasy sports the preferred choice for a lot of people?

Daily fantasy sports and leagues differ a bit from regular fantasy sports and leagues in a sense that daily fantasy leagues offer you the opportunity to draft new players constantly. This isn’t possible with regular fantasy leagues and sports since you can only draft players once during the entire season/year. Although for example, fantasy premier league is appealing to the general public to its novelty and expectations (especially when you consider the wait time for the next draft), daily fantasy leagues are starting to come into focus very quickly.

This isn’t the only difference between the two. The second major difference is that regular fantasy leagues don’t provide you with an opportunity to play two or more games at the same time. For some people, this is a negative side that they simply don’t like because they want more action. This is where daily fantasy leagues come into play – they allow you to play more than one game each day, plus, there are always games being played at all times.

Regular Fantasy Premier Leagues do offer you a hefty amount of money if you manage to prove yourself (and get lucky), but you get your rewards at the end of the season. This is quite difficult to achieve when you consider the number of games that need to be played throughout the year. Not to mention how hard it is to be among the best if you want to receive the best rewards. For example, last year, an Everton fan won a hefty number of prizes including VIP hospitality for two games next season. He had the best fantasy league team that bagged 90 points in the final gameweek of the season.

Fortunately, daily fantasy leagues can earn you money each day depending on how successful you are. NBA Daily Fantasy league has the option to pay you out at the end of each day.

Some people have even started to make a living playing daily fantasy sports, mainly because of the large number of opportunities that they offer.

When we compare both fantasy leagues (the daily and the regular one), we can clearly see the differences. However, we can also see what the strong points of both leagues are. In any case, the choice is yours. If you prefer playing the regular fantasy league, you’ll be happy. If that isn’t your cup of tea, then the daily fantasy league will be a perfect choice. Both have their benefits, but people have started playing daily fantasy sports more often, which is understandable if they want a faster-paced fantasy league option.