After selecting a goalkeeper for your Daily Fantasy Football lineup, you need to think about the defenders. The fantasy football defenders can secure more points for your team simply because of the fact they score goals and make assists, something that goalies can also do, but rarely.

Whether you choose three, four, or five defenders, you must know their abilities well and have a good idea about their respective teams and opponents. The following fantasy football defenders tips can likely turn out to be fruitful when selecting a defender for your Fantasy Football lineup:

  • Suitable formation
  • Full backs vs. Center backs
  • Avoiding undisciplined defenders

Suitable formation

Let’s face it, most of the defenders we choose are not going to make a lot of points, so the best thing to do is to opt for a formation with three at the back. After all, the daily fantasy football is about collecting points and scoring, and defenders are not as prolific as their teammates from midfield and attack. Four players in the defense will probably reduce your chances of getting more points. So, let’s assume we select a 3-4-3 formation.

With the option to choose up to four players from the same team, this gives you an opportunity to build the defense in two ways. First is to pick all three from one team, and the second is to mix it up. Taking the first option can result in big success but also in big failure, depending on whether they’ll keep the clean sheet or no. It’s hit or miss situation. The other way seems safer because one allowed goal will not destroy you defensively.

Full backs vs. Center backs

Full backs are way more offensive than their colleagues from the heart of the defense. They can provide extra points because they spent more time on the offense than the center backs. It is rare situation nowadays to see a full-back who is not part of the manager’s offensive plans, while CB’s can join the attack only when the team is taking a set-piece, but not always. The wing defenders are usually good ball suppliers and their crosses can often be converted into goals, so it’s important to choose the one who is an accomplished crosser and also have a powerful foot and can find his way into score sheet.

Furthermore, plenty of full backs are free-kick specialists and can directly bring additional points to your daily fantasy football team. These same players will likely take corners and add assists to their name. This is where the center backs come in; they can be on the receiving end after set-pieces and score from inside of the box. We can find some of those defenders who regularly torture opposing teams in the air and have a solid goal-scoring record. However, the full backs are the better option and we recommend them over the tall, jumping guys.

Avoiding undisciplined defenders

Although the defenders who tend to receive cards can also score goals, it will probably not happen very often, but they could get a yellow and still keep the clean sheet. We are willing to forgive them booking if they keep the net intact, but it is much better to avoid troublesome defenders who can easily lose their nerves and create big problems for your chance of winning the prize.

It is essential to track a particular player’s disciplinary record and select those who are fair-play individuals, even though that is not easy in modern football. Not only rough tackles can cost you points, but you also must do the research and find out who are the players with the authority issue and like to argue with officials. They willlikely be booked for their big mouths and you don’t want that kind of players in your team.

The information above will surely help you in selecting your daily fantasy football lineup, and although there are other strategies such as scouting the next opponent, the ones we choose to share are vital in creating the best eleven. This is the step two in making the winning squad, so now when you have a goalkeeper and defenders, you can concentrate on other areas of the team.



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