Selecting the best Fantasy Premier League midfielders for your team is probably the most important part of creating a lineup because they can accumulate a lot of points for your FPL team. Premier League Midfielders have the potential to be the top fantasy league points scorers, while others are able of contributing double digit assists. In this page you can find list and ranking of best midfielders in Premier League 2023/24 and previous seasons. In our sit there is too a special guide about best defenders in EPL. In this article we take a look at the top fantasy premier league midfielders to include in your FPL team. Stats about bets midfielders in EPL are updated each week after Premier League round.

Best midfielders in Premier League 2023/24

In this format of Fantasy Premier League, where goals and assists count the most, you should avoid choosing defensive midfielders who will not contribute to the attack and can only harm your chance of winning by collecting yellow cards. So, when picking the best Fantasy Premier League midfielders, you must go for the ones who are key attacking players in their respective teams, but also, who can score goals and create assists from set-pieces. In the following list we can see the best midfielders for total points and points per match.

  • PALMER (Chelsea): 244 total points, 7.2 per match
  • FODEN (Manchester City): 230 total points, 6.6 per match
  • ODEGAARD (Arsenal): 186 total points, 5.3 per match
  • HAVERTZ (Arsenal): 180 total points, 4.9 per match
  • BRUNO FERNANDES (Man Utd): 166 total points, 4.7 per match
  • RICE (Arsenal): 165 total points, 4.7 per match
  • RODRI (Man City): 159 total points, 4.6 per match
  • GROSS (Brighton): 153 total points, 4.2 per match
  • BRUNO GUIMARAES (Newcastle): 153 total points, 4.2 per match
  • DOUGLAS LUIZ (Aston Villa): 148 total points, 4.1 per match

Midfildiers to pick for next round

TOP MIDFIELDER- SAKA (Arsenal): In the match against Brighton , the spotlight is on Gunners midfielder who is scoring and providing assists with great continuity. Saka is a tireless and tactically intelligent player who takes care of the non-possession phase. Very fast and possessing a good basic technique, he can take opposing defenders by surprise with “cuts” from the outside to the inside of the penalty area.

GOOD MIDFIELDER- DOUGLAS LUIZ (Aston Villa): Douglas Luiz proves to be a certainty for the Villains. He could also make a difference in the match against Brentford. His talents include remarkable speed to which he combines excellent basic technique and the ability to fit between spaces on the outside.With strong ballistic skills and good game vision, he can provide accurate assists, setting up his teammates for goal-scoring opportunities.

UNDERDOG MIDFIELDER- KUDUS (West Ham): Kudus has been a standout player for West Ham, demonstrating his skill and versatility on the field. As the team gears up for the upcoming match against Wolverhampton, Kudus is poised to play a key role. With his impressive performances in recent games, he has proven to be a valuable asset for West Ham.

Best Midfielders in Premier League 2023/24, top 10 for next round

Now there is the ranking of best midfielders in Premier League 2023/24 for AVG MIN and PPG. What is the PPG index? Player Points for Game(PPG) is the average score of each player, based on his real performance and our scoring system by Sportito.

FPL 2022/23 best midfielders

In the list below you can check best midfielders FPL 2022/23 for goals and assists. 

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Premer League 2021/22, best midfielders

In the list below you will check best midfielders FPL 2021/22 for goals and assists.

  • Kevin De Bruyne: 15 goals, 8 assist
  • James Maddison: 12 goals, 8 assist
  • Mason Mount: 11 goals, 10 assist
  • Saka Bukayo: 11 goals, 7 assist
  • Bruno Fernandes: 10 goals, 6 assist
  • James Ward-Prowse: 10 goals, 5 assist
  • Emile Smith Rowe: 10 goals, 2 assist
  • Phil Foden: 9 goals, 5 assist
  • Kai Havertz: 8 goals, 4 assist
  • Harvey Barnes: 6 goals, 10 assist

With so many talented individuals playing in the EPL , this list can be quite large, but we’ve highlighted ten top Fantasy Premier League Midfielders for the 2021/22 season . In table below you can check all guides about best players in EPL.

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Top 10 best midfielders in Premier League 2020/21

In this paragraph we offer a table with best midfielder in the Premier League 2020/21, with top scoring midfielders premier League 2020/21.

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Best Midfielders in EPL 2019/20

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The top 10 midfielders in 2018/2019 season

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Reverse logic – Find the midfielders playing in defence

For years, the finest fantasy football exponents have trawled through the leagues looking for players who occupy a more advanced position than their categorisation suggests.

The logic being that if you can find a listed ‘defender that plays in midfield’, or even a midfielder standing in as a number nine, they are more likely to contribute attacking points to your score.

While that may still be true, Sportito has thrown up a new trend in recent weeks, where the contests are going in the favour of the manager who picked a ‘midfielder that plays in defence’.

For example, in a past cagey Manchester derby produced almost a blanket finish, as there were no goals and just a single yellow card for substitute Gabriel Jesus before Marouane Fellaini’s late moment of madness.

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Therefore, the game changer was Manchester United’s winger turned full-back Antonio Valencia. Those players who stuck to the default 3-4-3 formation but picked the Ecuadorian in midfield collected an extra two clean sheet points from a four man defence – Sportito rules stipulate that those who played in defence get 4.00 for the clean sheet, as opposed to the 2.00 for midfielders.

Another player to take advantage of this in Eric Dier. Capped 17 times by England, Dier’s versatility has often counted against him on the fantasy football scene.

So, there you have it. A spot of reverse logic to kick off a busy week on Sportito, with contests around all the upcoming Premier League, Europa League and Champions League matches.

If you’re expecting a close match, a ‘midfielder that plays in defence’ might not be a bad thing. Take Valencia, Dier and re-invented penalty taking left back James Milner as prime examples.

These players made our list of the best Fantasy Premier League Midfielders in the new season so far, but there are many others to pick from. In the end, it is your decision when picking the top Midfielders for your Daily Fantasy Football lineup, and we hope this list will help you to beat the other players on Sportito and win the cash prizes.