In the Premier League 2023/24 there are many very good stikers but to play the fantasy game EPL it is very important to know the attackers who give more points between goals and assists. In this article we see which Premier League players offer the highest scores in the English league. On our website we also offer a special guide on the best Premier League midfielders. Here, however, you can find many interesting statistics on the best FPL forwards: who scores the most, the attacker who offers the most assists and the striker who takes the penalties. In addition, there are also rankings related to the average rating minutes played and statistics from last season’s Premiership. On Sportito, you can find many contest with real money for most interesting football matches: PLAY NOW.


Best strikers in Premier League 2023/24

Securing top-performing strikers for your fantasy team is crucial, as attacking players often contribute significantly to accumulating bonuses and ultimately lead to victory. In this paragraph, we provide a comprehensive list of strikers who are currently in excellent form and consistently delivering outstanding performances. Let’s delve into the analysis of the attackers who are not only in prime condition but also consistently starting from the first minute. These players exhibit the potential to score crucial goals in the upcoming rounds of the Premier League 2023/24, making them valuable additions to your fantasy squad.

FPL top scores: best strikers for Avg MIN and PPG for next round

Before we see the table below. We will explain what is the PPG index: Player Points for Game (PPG) is the average score of each player, based on his real performance and our scoring system by Sportito. Here is the EPL top attackers table updated every week.

Best strikers EPL for fantasy Premier League 2023/24: the best forwards

The choice of the best Premier League strikers is certainly the most important to win the Premiership fantasy games. Attackers are the players who give more points than other roles. On our website there is also a guide on the statistics of the Premier League.

Best Forwards FPL 2023/24

  • HAALAND (Man CIty): 17 goals, 5 assists
  • SALAH (Liverpool): 15 goals, 9 assists
  • WATKINS (Aston Villa): 14 goals, 10 assists
  • SOLANKE (Bournemouth): 14 goals, 3 assist
  • SON (Tottenham): 12 goals, 6 assists
  • BOWEN (West Ham): 11 goals, 2 assists
  • HEE-CHAN (Wolverhampton): 10 goals, 3 assists
  • RICHARLISON (Tottenham): 10 goals, 3 assists
  • ISAK (Newcastle): 10 goals
  • NUNEZ (Liverpool): 9 goals, 7 assits

Strikers to pick for next round

TOP STRIKER- HAALAND (Manchester City): The prolific striker has been on a goal-scoring spree, showcasing his incredible skill and deadly accuracy. With the Manchester derby on the horizon, Haaland is poised to be the game-changer, ready to unleash his goal-scoring prowess against the rivals. Why choose Haaland for your fantasy team? Simple – goals win games, and Haaland knows how to find the back of the net with style.

GOOD STRIKER- BOWEN (West Ham): Bowen stands out as an excellent choice for the upcoming game against Everton. Demonstrating both skill and competence, particularly in one-on-one situations with his impressive speed, he has proven to be a consistent goal and assist contributor.

UNDERDOG STRIKER- ISAK (Newcastle): Isak has been a standout player for Newcastle, showcasing impressive skills and goal-scoring abilities. As the team prepares for the upcoming match against Wolverhampton, Isak’s contribution will be crucial. His dynamic style of play and goal-scoring record make him a player to watch.

Top 10 FPL 2022/23 best strikers

In this section you will discover the best forwards in the Premier League season. In the list below you will check the top 10 strikers FPL for goals and assists. Haaland of Manchester City scored 36 goals and is the best striker of Premier League.

HaalandManchester City368
RashfordManchester United175
WatkinsAston Villa156

Premier League, best forwards of season 2021/22

In the list below you will check best forwards FPL 2021/22 for goals and assists.

  1. SALAH (Liverpool): 23 goals, 13 assists
  2. SON (Tottenham): 23 goals, 7 assists
  3. RONALDO (Manchester United): 18 goals, 3 assists
  4. KANE (Tottenham): 17 goals, 9 assists
  5. MANE (Liverpool): 16 goals, 2 assists
  6. DE BRUYNE (Man City): 15 goals, 8 assists
  7. VARDY (Leicester): 15 goals, 2 assists
  8. D. JOTA (Liverpool): 15 goals, 4 assists
  9. ZAHA (Crystal Palace): 14 goals, 1 assists
  10. STERLING (Man City): 13 goals, 5 assists