We have exciting news for you regarding Gameweek 27 in Fantasy Premier League. Not only can you enter our usual contests, you can now also create your own contests, compete only against your friends that will be invited by you to join the contest and win real money


We are giving you, the fantasy football manager, the control. You decide what kind of contest you want to host for you and your mates. You decide the entry fee, the prize structure, which matches participants can choose players from & you also set the number of participants.

You also get to create the secret code which your friends will need to join this unique contest. Finally, you get to choose the name of the contest. 

The contest will go ahead only if 70% of the total number of participants you have set, join it. 

How it works:

  • Set up the contest 
  • Sign up for free on Sportito
  • Invite your friends to the contest
  • Win real money




We are very excited about our new offering to the fantasy football managers of this world and we look forward to following the action in the customised contests in Gameweek 27. 

Let us know by the 8th of February at 3PM so your customized contest will be online before the start of EPL Gameweek 27.

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