Daily Fantasy Football is a relatively new phenomenon in Europe, where the season-long contests dominated, but not anymore. Sportito emerged as the popular place where you can fulfill your dream of becoming a football manager, even for a day. Select your favorite players without salary cap restrictions and create the best possible team to face your opponent.


With the world’s best players who are based in top European leagues and are at your disposal, you have the chance to win real cash prizes. There are numerous competitions to choose from, and the managers have an excellent opportunity to demonstrate football knowledge. Remember that Daily Fantasy Football is not gambling, it is a pure game of skills.

The advantages of playing Daily Fantasy Football

Unlike the traditional full-season contests that are consuming a lot of time, Daily Fantasy Football makes sure that your adrenaline jumps up to the sky, providing a greater level of excitement. Now, managers can concentrate on just one day and look at particular teams/players. It is easy to get the insights into the stats, info, and head-to-head facts, and that’s what makes this type of Fantasy Football more appealing than the traditional one.

It’s your choice in whichever competitions you’d like to participate. It could be a Double Up or the one with bigger prizes and more managers, but you can also enter free contests and earn real cash.

Make it worth

If your football knowledge is great and you’re good at predicting, this is the right place for your managerial skills to flourish, so why not make some money and have fun in the process. Your talent of picking the best players and creating a winning squad can get you to a valuable reward. As soon as the fixtures end, you can collect your winnings and move on to the next contest, so you can quickly withdraw the money or invest again in your best eleven.

The time has come that every football fan can be awarded for his love and commitment to this beautiful game, and there is no better feeling that the one when you get paid for something you love. Make your scouting skills and a good nose for the game count as Daily Fantasy Football offers several leagues at once. So, it’s your choice whether you’ll enter one or more contests, but as long as your players are doing their thing on the pitch, you should dominate the competitions.

Don’t miss a single second

Normally, when you’re playing Daily Fantasy Football, you would like to follow your players live, and that’s where Sportito jumps in with excellent live coverage of all relevant matches. One of the leaders of collecting stats and analyzing sports games, Sportradar, is responsible for providing the actual stats and results of the fixtures.

You don’t have to count every point your player earns because the stats are based on the thorough evaluation, including more than 20 different parameters in performances of each player. Follow your team’s rankings live from the referee’s first whistle to the end of the match, which will surely help you getting vital info about your players and expand your scouting talents for future endeavors.

Even if you’re not participating in any Daily Fantasy Football contest, you can get the crucial stats that will undoubtedly help in getting the right idea on which players to choose for the next time. It’s a nice opportunity to enrich your strategy and tactics and cultivate your expertise. With the very first point your player collects, you will feel proud and then you will be more than ready to make it to the top as one of the best managers of the Daily Fantasy Football community.