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A Season Long Premier League contest is now on Sportito 🤩

For the upcoming Premier League 20/21 season, Sportito has prepared a big surprise for all of our Fantasy Premier League managers and fans. We have officially launched our new season long contest. Build your team of 15 players and join Sportito’s new 38 Game Week, 20/21 season league. Play with your friends like on the official Fantasy Premier League game and win lots of prizes.

Sportito has guaranteed a massive prize pool of £10,000 for the first 130 managers at the end of season league ranking. With first prize winning a huge £2,500. Premier League 20/21 season will start on 12th September 2020. Entry fee is £10.00. Please note that You cannot use one of your plans’ tickets to enter this special contest.

We are excited to bring this new contest to our well-known daily fantasy game. We hope our Fantasy Premier League managers have a great season with old and new friends as their teams climb the Sportito season league.

Rules of the contest… we keep it easy
The first thing to do is go to the contest lobby and click join next to the “Premier League Season Long- £10,000 Guaranteed” . This is the new league game available for 38 game weeks

To join the league, you need to select 15 players, with a maximum of 4 players from a single Premiership team.

  • 2 GoalKeepers
  • 5 Defenders
  • 5 Midfielders
  • 3 Forward

On Sportito, there are no salary cap restrictions of £100M when building your team.
You can select the best team you want, but keep in mind the form of players (remember Danny Ings…) and each club’s game schedule to maximize your points each game week

Choose your team

From your 15-player squad, each game week you can choose the best 11 players for your game week team.
Select your favourite formation and which players will score you the most points. Your remaining 3 players will make up your substitute bench.

All points by your starting 11 players will be added to your game week score. If one or more of your starting 11 players doesn’t play. They will be automatically substituted with a like for like player on your substitute bench. (Defenders for Defenders, Midfielders for Midfielders…)

Select your Captain

Pick a Captain from your game week team to earn extra points. (2X Goalkeepers & Defenders, 1.5X Midfielders & Forwards).
If your Captain doesn’t play you will not earn any additional points in that game week.

Your bench is the safety net in case of injuries or unforeseen events that might affect your starting 11. If a player has not played in the game week, they will be substituted for another player of the same position on your bench, as long as the subbed player earnt game week points.

All changes to your team must be made 5 minutes before the game week starts

Postponed Games

If a match is postponed and will no longer be played in the Gameweek, any players who are affected will not score points.They will be replaced in the starting XI by a manager’s players off the bench. As long as the substitute’s matches go ahead.

Postponed matches will be played later in the season resulting in teams playing two games in a single Gameweek.

After you have selected your 15-player squad, you can make unlimited transfers until the start of Game Week 1. On Sportito there are no salary cap or budget restrictions. Pick the best players you need for your season’s team.

You will have 1 free transfer for each game week once the season has started. If you do more than 1 transfer in the same game week, 6 points will be deducted from your final score for that week.

Lets make an example here: user Mike99 decides for gameweek 5 that he wants to transfer 2 of his players. He dismiss Doherty and Duffy and hires Alex Trent and Walker Kile. His score at the end of the gameweek is 89, but because he used 1 additional transfer his final score would be 83 (equals to 89-6)

No saving transfers
Free transfers cannot be saved up. If you don’t use the one free transfer in a game week it will not carry over to the next game week. Additional transfers will cost you 6 points if you have already used your free game week transfer.

Free Transfers window
All managers will be allowed to do unlimited transfers during the “Free Transfer Window” (approximately 2 weeks in December-January). No points will be deducted during these two weeks for multiple transfers.

Your players will earn points base on their performance in the Premier League each game week. Our detailed scoring system which assigns or deducts player points can be found in Sportito general rules section .

The Sportito Premier League Season long contest also includes a late registration period up until game week 6. Fantasy Managers entering teams ate will be assigned points equal to 65% of the average team.

Let us explain this further: Team “johnny87” enters during game week 3, the system will calculate the average score of all team until game week 2 (i.e. 150) and assign to team “johnny87” the 65% of this score (97.5 points which is 65% of 150). All managers registered and age verified on Sportito can join the contest.

The Sportito £10,000 guaranteed contest on Premier League 20/21 season will start with Gameweek 1 on September 12th. Entry fee is £10. All managers registered and age verified on Sportito can join the contest. Please note that if the completion of the 2020/21 season of the English Premier League is not possible, due to force majeure not attributable to our company, Sportito reserves the right to decide how to close the contest.

Shooting accuracy

Vardy 49points
Aubameyang 46points
Ings 40points

Goals right foot

Jamie Vardy
Danny Ings

Assists ratio

Jamie Vardy
Danny Ings