Many people think that it’s difficult to make money while playing luck games, and one could argue that Daily Fantasy Sports are considered luck games, albeit with a level of skill required as well. This statement has some truth in it; after all, paying money to potentially earn money doesn’t sound enticing, now does it? But, in the end, if you know where to start and how to progress slowly, you’ll start earning money without any major issues. What’s important is that you should never give up, even if you lose a couple of matches. We’re going to help you out by providing you with all the information you need to kickstart your DFS career and provide you with the knowledge that will help you potentially make money by playing DFS’s. There is however no assurance that you can win or earn money, and you should never pass your personal limit


Lesser-known sites

If you’re just starting out, it might be best to start in the lower leagues. After all, that’s where you’re least likely to encounter more skilled players who would wipe the floor with anyone that’s new to the game. These lesser-known DFS websites also aren’t as expensive as others. Of course, since you’ll be paying less money to play, your winning amounts will also be lower. This trade-off is good since you’ll learn the ropes in a month or two, and you’ll earn a bit of money as well (while not losing too much of it).

Check out Sportito – it’s a good starting point for Daily Fantasy Sports!


Creating and respecting a budget you set is more important than memorising all the stats over a full season. Sure, stats will help you win more, but proper budgeting will help you earn more. Figure out how much money you want to spend on an overall season and then divide that money for each week. 5% of the overall budget is pretty good for weekly games. After that, you’ll want to divide your money even further – depending on the DFS game (tournament or cash game). You should spend more on cash games and less on tournaments (as you have a higher chance of winning in a cash game than in a tournament), but ultimately, this is up to you.

Cash games

The reason cash games are so effective at bringing in a profit is that they’re mostly 50/50 games. This means that you have to be better than half of the players/entrants. Everyone earns the same amount of cash, whether they’re the best or 49th. All you have to do is be better than the average; so pick the players who have the best stats.


‘Information is power’ – goes the old saying. You’ll want to learn as much as possible before you move on to stronger and more famous websites. Subscription services that teach you all the small tips and tricks are a great choice since they’ll help you out immensely. The more you know, the better you’ll be able to construct your team, which in turn means that you’ll have much better chances at winning!

How to play and win daily fantasy sports on Sportito

Everyone needs to start somewhere and if your Daily Fantasy Football career is starting with us here at Sportito, we want to help you get the right start. Daily Fantasy Football is no shortcut to riches. As with all things in life, it takes time, dedication and a little bit of luck. There is a ton of material out there in the form of books, blogs and research on how to shorten the odds and increase your chances of success.

It can all get very complicated to which is why we have written this post, to help you understand some simple basic things to remember when starting out with Sportito. We have compiled a list of additionial 6 tips that you should find very handy.

1. No Salary Caps Means Tactics Matter

You are a football fan, otherwise you probably would not be interested in Daily Fantasy Football. As football fans, you will also be an expert on your team and with your own opinion as to who should play and who should not. Daily Fantasy Football allows you to be the manager by selecting the players for each game you think will shine the most and, therefore, get the most points. This is your chance to show what you are made.

At Sportito, what really does set us apart from our competitors is that we offer something most coaches can only dream about: a blank cheque. That is correct, there are no salary caps at Sportito so you can literally go and choose the most valued players and put them into one team. Sounds too good to be true but it is not.

That said, this rule obviously means that everyone involved in the competition you have entered enjoys the same luxury and, therefore, can also choose the best players no matter how much their collective value amounts to. For this reason, to outshine the rest you have to be smart, you have to choose the right formation and mix of players in order to gain the most points possible to home with the spoils.
We offer eight different formations to select from. Depending on how you think the game will unfold, whether it will be a high scoring open affair or a closed and tight one should be taken into consideration when choosing your formation.

For example, if you believe the game will have lots of goals and opportunities to score, it would be best to go with a formation that is midfield and forward heavy as these positions will reap the points while defensive players will suffer. Alternatively, if you believe a game will be a tight affair and that defences will win out, then go for formations that are heavy on defensive positions and lighter up front, allowing for more points to be earned from a likely clean sheet.

2. Balance Management

Once you have injected some funds into your account, you need to work out your balance management strategy. What is the maximum daily or weekly spend? How many contest will you enter?
You need to optimise your spend based on your results. If you are new to Daily Fantasy Football, to start we advise setting a maximum 10% of your entire bankroll on any given competition. Then see how you go in terms of results and prizes won and compare to your spend for each competition.

As you improve your game, for the more lucrative contests with higher entry fees, you can up your spend on each bet. The essential thing here is to track your wins and losses. Keep a record of every bet you make, the contest and any prize money won. From this, you will be able to optimise your strategy.

fantasy football contest

3. Keep Updated

There are more and more websites dedicated to football statistics, previews and betting these days than ever before. These sites are valuable in order to get important information and no information is more important than knowing the latest injury reports and expected line-ups.
Players get injured, it is a fact. And they can be ruled out of games days before a game as well as hours if not moments. You need to stay on top of this. Check the latest football news and match previews for the games that are relevant and make your selections according to them. Do this not only for injuries but for suspensions too. It is of paramount importance that you know the line-ups of the relevant matches.

4. Take Risks

With our unlimited salary cap, this means that most players will select the best players available. To stand out from the crowd, meaning, to get more points than the rest and win prizes, you need to be a little risky with your selections. Every week in football there are players that break out and cause a surprise. Football is a most unpredictable game, after all. Look at the young players breaking through and be willing to gamble on unlikely heroes.

5. High Entry Fees Means High Level of Competition

If you are just starting out, do not go waging in the games with high entry fees. These are most likely full of experienced players and therefore the chances of you winning are much less and, therefore, you have much more to lose.
Learn the ropes first, get some experience, discover your most trusty sources of information and once the prize money starts to come in with greater frequency, then go take the risk with the big buy-ins.

6. Research

As with everything in life, it pays to research, study and read to learn more. And this is no different with Daily Fantasy Football. There is information out there and it is all accessible through your digital devices. Follow experienced players on social media, read their blogs and come up with your own well-researched strategies. If you want to take this serious and win regularly, it does not come easy. But, with a little dedication, you can reap the rewards.