Sportito Fantasy Sports is really more than a game, because after years of activitity we have first-hand experiences of the shining triumphs and unexpected defeats that have excited and deeply moved us. Thousands of fantasy careers have been defined by a last minute event (among the 6 sports that we offer our famous fantasy football live feature shines as a gem) that have upset the final rankings and therefore changed a consolidated result by one of our fantasy managers in something completely different.



As a matter of fact Sportito is offering the best live fantasy sports experience of the Web. After You have just joined one of the many contests that Sportito offers daily simply wait for the beginning of the first event present in the fixtures’ list and enjoy the abundance of meaningful data that is shown during the matches. So because time is money, we have prepared this guide on what to do while the status of your contest is running, the special moment when your fantasy picks have the great responsibility of living up to your expectations.

We use Sportradar’s most detailed feed to analyze over 2000 match events in every game, so you get real time stats on your players’ perfomances. There are specific features for each fantasy sport that we offer in our website, let’s see how it works.


After you have joined your contest Sportito provides you with live scoring for the matches your team is part of. Sportito gives you the possibility to draft without salary cap requirements, so you pick the best players for your lineup. It is difficult to keep the rest of the guys out of the field, but it takes a strong will to reach the top of your league. Once the contest has started log into Sportito and go to the Running section of My Contests. Follow your team real time by simply clicking on the LIVE button beside the name of the contest. Then the contest card will appear with its four sections:

  • Ranking
  • Live Score
  • Detail
  • Matches


In this section you will see a general chart with the live ranking of all participants in the contest and their updated scores. Clicking on the chart image at the end of the row you can see your opponents’ formations. Know your adversaries by studying how their picks are performing and get feedback for the next contests.

Live Score

Look at your formation, all players are ordered by their position, and see their stats updated in real time. Feel the thrill of seeing your score increase thanks to a goal or an assist from one of your players. Thanks to our easy interface you know immediately which of your picks is performing better or worse.


Here you will find all the info about the joined contest, if it is calculated, guaranteed or rolling and its timing. Then there is also the list of matches on which you play, the number of participants and players awarded.


This section is the most fun because you have to possibility to experience LIVE all the matches of your contest. For each match you get a full report on its info, its statistics, a live coverage with sounds and a full commentary with every important action reported. Moreover for every important event of the game there is a list of videos from Dailymotion to not miss anything.