Premier League clean sheets are a key aspect of fantasy football. In this article we propose a special guide about best goalkeeper in EPL with various ranking to choose the best goalkeeper in your fantasy team for next season. Choosing the right (or wrong) goalkeeper can make (or break) your weekend. Here, you will find the best Fantasy Premier League goalkeepers with clean sheets and teams in last seasons. Premier League started and we will updated live stats about best goalkeeper in EPL for clean sheets. In our site you can find also guide about best defenders for Fantasy Premier League.

Choosing the right goalkeeper involves analyzing their performance in terms of clean sheets from previous seasons. As the Premier League progresses, we will continuously update live statistics on the best goalkeepers in the EPL for clean sheets. Additionally, our website offers guidance on selecting the best defenders for your Fantasy Premier League team.

Make sure to revisit this article every match week for the latest updates on the ‘most EPL clean sheets’ table. These insights will undoubtedly aid you in making strategic decisions for your fantasy football selections. Furthermore, on Sportito, you have the opportunity to participate in Daily Fantasy Football, where you can compete for real cash prizes every day.

You can check out this article every match week for the updated content on ‘most EPL clean sheets’ table to help you with your fantasy football selections. On Sportito, you can play Daily Fantasy Football with the opportunity to win real cash every day.


In Premier League, as in other European leagues, the ranking of goalkeepers with the most clean sheets is not the same as the ranking for the best defense. Taking the best goalkeeper for clean sheets in Premiership is certainly an important factor in winning because valuable bonuses can come from a ‘player’ who usually does not give important points. In the table below you can check best goalkeepers update after each gameweek. You can sort them by clean sheets, team or name. Best Goalkeeper in Epl for clean sheet? Is De Gea of Manchester United with 17 clean sheet in Premier League 2022/23. You will can check in the table below with best goalkeepers of Premier League 2023/24 with most clean sheets this season.

It’s crucial to note that a goalkeeper’s performance isn’t solely determined by clean sheets. Factors such as saves made, distribution, and command of the penalty area also play significant roles in evaluating a goalkeeper’s effectiveness. Considering these aspects alongside clean sheets can provide a comprehensive assessment of a goalkeeper’s contribution to their team’s success.

In the realm of daily fantasy sports on platforms like Sportito, understanding the nuances of a goalkeeper’s performance is key to building a winning team. While clean sheets are undeniably important, they don’t paint the full picture. Other factors come into play, such as the number of saves made, the goalkeeper’s distribution skills, and their ability to command the penalty area.

Beyond just keeping a clean sheet, a goalkeeper’s agility and quick reflexes, showcased through crucial saves, can make a significant impact on the outcome of a match. Their distribution skills, whether it’s accurately launching the ball downfield or initiating counterattacks with precise passes, can turn defensive plays into offensive opportunities. Moreover, a goalkeeper’s command of the penalty area, demonstrated through assertive decision-making and effective communication with the defense, can instill confidence and stability in the team.

By considering these additional aspects alongside clean sheets, fantasy sports enthusiasts can make more informed decisions when selecting goalkeepers for their teams. It’s not just about preventing goals but also about actively contributing to a team’s success in various facets of the game.

As we can see in table below, the best goalkeeper for clean sheet is David Raya (Arsenal) with 16 clean sheet in 32 appearences, followed by Jordan Pickford (Everton) with 13 clean sheet and Ederson (Man City) with 12.

The best goalkeeper for penalty saved in Premier League 2023/24 is Alphonse Areola (West Ham) with 2 penalty saved this season.

André Onana (Man Utd) is the best goalkeeper for saves in the entire season with 149 saves.

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Here are 4 recommended goalkeepers for this season

David Raya (Arsenal): Raya has showcased exceptional shot-stopping abilities this season, commanding his penalty area with confidence. Arsenal’s defensive solidity owes much to his performances between the posts. His distribution skills are notable, often initiating quick counterattacks with accurate long-range passes. For fantasy football managers, Raya could be a valuable addition due to his ability to earn points not just from clean sheets but also from successful passes.

Ederson (Manchester City): Known for his extraordinary ball-playing skills, Ederson is essentially an outfield player in goal. His accurate long-range passes often initiate Manchester City’s attacking moves, making him a crucial asset in their possession-based style of play. Despite City’s dominant performances, Ederson is always alert, making crucial saves when called upon. Fantasy football managers can rely on him not only for clean sheets but also for potential assists through his precise distribution.

Jordan Pickford (Everton): Pickford has been a consistent performer for Everton, showcasing agility and reflexes to deny opposition attackers. His shot-stopping ability has bailed Everton out of tight situations on numerous occasions. Fantasy football managers should consider Pickford as a reliable option for accumulating points through clean sheets and saves. His leadership qualities and vocal presence in organizing Everton’s defense make him a valuable asset for both his club and fantasy teams.

Andre Onana (Manchester United): Onana’s athleticism and anticipation have been instrumental in Manchester United’s defensive stability this season. His ability to command his area and make decisive interceptions instills confidence in the United backline.

Team with most clean sheets in EPL 2022/23

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In addition to classic auctions, the focus on the best Premier League goalkeeper to take in fantasy soccer is also crucial for Sportito users. To choose the best goalkeeper, several factors must be taken into account:

  1. regularity,
  2. the team he belongs to,
  3. the goalkeepers’ average rating,
  4. the ability to save penalty kicks,
  5. clean sheet.

Regarding the first two, we invite you to visit our article on the predicted lineups Premier League 2022-23. Know the Goalkeepers’ average rating in Premier League is decisive: is the one related to votes only, it does not consider the various bonuses and maluses. Instead, Goals conceded, penalties saved, minutes on the field and clean sheets, make up the bonuses and maluses that are the elements that will contribute to the goalkeepers’ fantasy ratings. Taking the best Premier League goalkeeper by clean sheet is decisive especially in fantasy footbaal contests that use the clean sheet bonus. Remember, on Sportito there is no salary cap/budget so you can choose any of the best Goalkeepers.   

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To help you make a comparison in table below you can check last years Premier League clean sheets ranking in EPL.


Goalkeeper rankings Premier League 21/22: better than average rating or clean sheet? The choice of the best goalkeepers to take to the fantasy football must be made following two principles: buy the owner of a big one who suffers few goals in a season, so he usually has less malus but an average mark in the norm, or that of a medium-low team ranking that undergoes several goals but can be more busy and therefore see his vote rise based on positive performances. The question arises again at every goalkeepers auction for fantasy football as the most famous names often skyrocket convincing many of us to fall back on the second solution.

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Epl best goalkeepers in last 10 seasons

Now let see best goalkeeper in Premier League for each season in the last 10 years. Who is best goalkeeper Fpl in 2021/22 and other seasons? See the list below with top goalkeeper in last Premiership seasons.

  • best goalkeeper 2012/13: David De Gea
  • best goalkeeper 2013/14: Joe Hart
  • best goalkeeper 2014/15: Thibaut Courtois
  • best goalkeeper 2015/16: Peter Cech
  • best goalkeeper 2016/17: David De Gea
  • best goalkeeper 2017/18: Hugo Lloris
  • best goalkeeper 2018/19: Alisson Becker
  • best goalkeeper 2019/20: Alisson Becker
  • best goalkeeper 2020/21: Ederson
  • best goalkeeper 2021/22: Alisson Becker, Ederson

What is a Clean Sheet in Football?

In football, a clean sheet is when one football team doesn’t allow the opposite team score a goal in the match. Simply means the goalkeeper ‘keeping it clean’ by not letting the other team score any goals. This is mainly an achievement of the goalkeeper than any other player of the team.

For example, if Chelsea defeats Liverpool by 1-0, Chelsea kept a clean sheet. If the match is a draw, with 0-0, then both teams kept a clean sheet.

On Sportito Fantasy Sports, a clean sheet by a goalkeeper gives you 6 points, 4 points for the defender and 2 points for the midfielder.  And this clean sheet value is assigned only if the players end the match without conceding goals to the opposite team. Additionally 0.05 points are assigned only to goalkeepers for every minute that they play with a Clean Sheet.

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