1. What REALLY means Fantasy
It is in the name after all: Daily Fantasy Sports. For football fans, we often dream and imagine what it would be like to have all our favourite players in the one team. Video games like FIFA 2016 is one platform where often such dreams are appeased, at least in the comfort of our own home. And, for the wily Daily Fantasy Sports player, through careful management and selection, they may just be able to create their dream team too.
Yet, as with most video games like FIFA 2016 and Daily Fantasy platforms, such dreams are not always possible. Budgetary constraints and salary caps make this impossible. The whole concept of fantasy is slightly distorted with real life realities like budgets and salary caps creeping in.


Where is the Fantasy in all this?
Thankfully, and finally, however one need not worry about such real life realities disturbing our dreams that we live out in Daily Fantasy sports. Not least here at Sportito.

Unlike most of our competitors, we offer a blank cheque for you to pick up any player you wish. It does not matter how much they cost and how ridiculously expensive your team sheet is. Go for broke, choose whoever you like, live out your true fantasy here at Sportito.

2. Who has the time?
Time is money and money is time. And with Daily Fantasy sports, time is precious. Contests are over before they even start. Well, no that is perhaps going too far, fast. But, you get the point, Contests are run daily and weekly and rarely do we end the day or week saying to ourselves, “there is just too much time in the day (or week), what could I possibly do now?”. No, for all the technology incorporated into our lives, these modern times are not exactly showering us with time. And, here at Sportito we have considered this.
Having a budget or salary cap to deal with in Daily Fantasy Sports means one thing: you need time. You need to study the values of all available players and somehow come up with some method that helps you determine who to buy and how much to spend on each position and bla, bla, bla.
Here at Sportito, we have said, “salary caps be gone, now”. And they are gone. Choose whoever you like without thinking about money and how much you have left over. This makes the whole selection process that much faster meaning you save time. And as time is money, you save money too.

3. More time, More Contest, More Fun, More Money
No salary caps really do mean more of everything. As it takes no time at all to select your team, this means that you have more time to enter more contests. The more contests you enter, the more fun you can have – after all, you are doing this for the fun too right? Or wrong?
That is right, lest we forget. You are also doing this for the money too, why of course. We have you covered there too.
The more contests you play, the more fun you have, the more chance you have to improve your skills and if you put these all together what do amount to – more money of course. It is a number games after all. The more time you have, the more you play, the more you improve, the more fun you have and the better chances you have of scoring a prize. It is like with all things in life, you ask and ask and ask again until you get what you want.

4. Focus on the interesting stuff
Working around players’ values and budgets is, in one word, boring. This is the work of the accounting department, not for the manager. Let them worry about it.
At Sportito, you do not even need an accountant. You just need to focus managing your team.
Now, with everyone having the same privilege, this does mean that everyone is picking their dream players too. This also means that separating the best from the rest comes down to one thing: your ability to select the best players based on form, statistics and the games involved.
And this is the fun part of Daily Fantasy. Read up on the players, check out their form and statistics and go on a journey to discover those little nuggets of information that will separate you as the best from the rest.
From now on, all that time you spend reading about football, you can actually put that to good use now too with Daily Fantasy Football. This is called combining two passions.