Goalkeeper is the foundation stone of your Fantasy Football team. This is why it is essential to select the player who will collect plenty of points. Picking the best fantasy football goalkeeper is not easy at all, especially when it comes to daily fantasy football. However, the fact is that you have to choose one, and we are offering some of the strategies to help you with your fantasy football goalkeeper tips, so these are the things you need to take a look at:

  • Scouting of the upcoming opponent
  • Defenders who are playing ahead of the goalkeeper
  • Selecting the safest keeper

Fantasy Football Goalkeeper Tip #1: Scouting of the Upcoming Opponent

Make sure that your candidate for your fantasy football goalkeeper is facing the weaker team, with a rather ineffective attack that not scores plenty of goals. However, be aware of the opponents that haven’t scored for a certain amount of time as even the top goalies sometimes cannot stop the law of probability.

Still, the thorough research about the upcoming rival is a must, and the respective forms of its forwards should play the crucial role in choosing your starting keeper. Normally, you will not pick the one who is playing against the better team and offense that is scoring 100 goals per season. That would be insane.


Fantasy Football Goalkeeper Tip #2: Defenders Who are Playing ahead of the Goalkeeper

A great fantasy football goalkeeper is nothing without a rock solid defense in front of him. No matter how good goalie is, if the back line is weak and prone to defensive mistakes, forget about that candidate. You must look for the leagues or competitions top defense’s in order to find a reliable keeper, and usually, those are the teams who are battling for the titles. But it is not always a case. We are well aware that there are some teams which are specialized in playing at home turf, and even the best-attacking squads can turn out to be unfruitful when facing them. In that case, you may opt for the slight underdog instead of the one who has a high-quality defense ahead of him.

Additionally, it is probably the best to select a goalie who is a part of a 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 formation rather than the 3-4-3 or 3-5-2. OK, a lot of you would say ‘But what about Juventus and Chelsea?’ It is quite rare in modern football that teams with only three defenders are successful, and these teams are proof of it. But let’s face it, most of the teams with just three at the back are going to concede goals and your fantasy football goalkeeper is not going to save you daily fantasy football lineup.

Fantasy Football Goalkeeper Tip #3: Selecting the Safest Fantasy Football Goalkeeper

We are talking about the version of a daily fantasy football with no salary caps, so you can pick whichever fantasy football goalkeeper you like. Taking the one who is a leader of his team and possibly a captain, will increase your chances of collecting much-needed points. Choosing a goalie who’s facing the huge underdogs can undoubtedly help, as well.

In this kind of situation, the keeper is expected to face only a fistful of attempts, and sometimes, an even single shot is enough to allow a goal, something that happened to many of us before. There is when the mental strength of a goalkeeper steps in, and you must do your research and scout the one who has excellent mental abilities and concentration on the highest level. The keepers do tend to relax as the time goes on and nothing is happening in front of their goal, and that could be quite costly for your daily fantasy football lineup and chances for the prize.

Although it might seem easy to select a fantasy football goalkeeper for your daily fantasy football lineup, and in fact, most of the players are spending minimum time in choosing the proper option. That is a cardinal error and can easily backfire, especially if you take some of the defenders from the same team.

It would mean your whole defense will not collect enough points. In case you’re having difficulties in picking the reliable keeper when playing a daily fantasy football contest on Sportito, you’re more than welcome to follow our tips and advice.


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