Although selecting the forwards in your Fantasy Football lineup is not complicated as choosing proper defenders and midfielders, but it still can be very tough to predict the performance of a particular striker. The forwards are programmed to score goals, but even the world-class ones occasionally have bad days in front of the goal, so it’s important to know how to pick the best forward for your Fantasy Football lineup prudently.

Here are some instructions you can follow to boost your chances of winning the prize:

• Scouting and researching
• Choosing the team’s top scorers
• Avoiding the inconsistent forwards

Daily Fantasy Football Forward Tips #1: Scouting and researching

Naturally, you would like to pick the forward from a team with high scoring potential and what’s more crucial, the ones who are facing the underdogs. Knowing a thing or two about the opponent is equally important as knowing the facts about the striker you about to select. First of all, you must know is the opposing defense is strong or are allowing plenty of goals. Second, the striker’s goal-scoring record against them, so a bit research on history will certainly help you. And third, checking the betting lines as favored teams are expected to score a bunch of goals and this is where the striker should contribute the most.

Daily Fantasy Football Forwards Tip #2: Choosing the team’s top scorers

When it comes to picking forwards, it’s normal to opt for the ones with high projections, but that can also be deceiving as the strikers can be quite unpredictable. It is the best to take one who is at the top of the scoring table and who regularly terrorize the defenses and goalkeepers. They are obvious choices and will provide goals in 80%-90% of games, but there are also the ones from weaker teams who can turn out to be very thankful for your daily fantasy football lineup.

On Sportito, there are no budget limitations and you can pick whichever striker you want; however, it’s not all about the value. Sometimes, when the minor team’s playing against the similar quality opponent, there are strikers that can potentially score a goal or two. So, you don’t have to look for the big names exclusively. It is better to take the top scorer from a mid-table team, than the one who is playing in top squad but is not among the club’s best scorers.

Daily Fantasy Football Forwards Tip #3: Avoiding the inconsistent forwards

It’s not unusual that forwards can get into a scoring drought, despite being rather prolific earlier in the season. Everyone is allowed to have a bad day at the office and it’s quite normal phenomenon, but our advice is to stay away from the forwards known for inconsistent performances. How many times happened that striker scores a brace in a game, and then fails to score in the next two or three matches.

That’s why is vital to follow their recent form and playing time because you don’t want a forward who is not the key member of his team. Although is nice when your instinct can lead you in choosing a super sub or a joker, it unrealistic to expect that to happen every day. It makes the daily fantasy football more like gambling than the game of skills and it shouldn’t be your tactic if you want to win prize and earn some cash.

At first, it seems as an easy job and quite straightforward when it comes to choosing the right forward for your daily fantasy football lineup. However, is not as simple as it looks. Because several factors should be taken into consideration and we are glad to assists you with some of them in the text above.

Following our advice can surely increase your chances of winning money while playing daily fantasy football on Sportito.




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