In daily fantasy football, you can play on Sportito, collecting the points is all that matters, so it’s crucial to pick the ones with plenty of offensive duties, instead of the ones who are defensive specialists. The midfielders tend to win a lot of points, but still, there are a few tips and tricks how to select the right ones for your daily fantasy football lineup, and we provide some of them in the following text:

• Creative midfielders
• False nine and set-piece specialists
• Avoiding the defensive midfielders

Fantasy Football Midfielders Tip #1: Creative midfielders

The goals will not come by themselves and every team needs creative midfielders who will create chances to the strikers. It is best to pick ones from teams that are scoring a bunch of goals and are playing attacking-minded football. Some teams are expected to regularly score high amount of goals, especially when they’re facing the underdogs, so selecting the midfielders who will provide assists and feed the forwards is going to boost your chances of winning the prize.

It all depends on the particular squad and whether they are nurturing the attacking style from the wings, or they are focused on penetrating through the heart of the defense. So, you have the option to choose wingers who can cross the ball and deliver quality passes. Also, there are the classic No. 10 midfielders, who are looking for the holes in the final third and are capable of serving the forwards on a silver plate.

Fantasy Football Midfielders Tip #2: False nine and set-piece specialists

The false nine midfielders are quite attacking-minded players who like to run from deep and complement the striker. Although they aren’t natural forwards, they are more than capable of scoring, unlike the creative midfielders who are looking for pass rather than scoring themselves. Some teams even play without classic strikers and use the false nine ones instead, so in that case, you can opt for those individuals, especially if their team is highly efficient.

When it comes to set-piece specialists, the players who are in charge of taking corners, free-kicks, and penalties should be on the top of your mind as they will bring plenty of points to your daily fantasy football lineup. Make sure you pick the one who constantly converts penalty-kicks into goals, the midfielders who can connect with teammates from corners, and also the individuals who torture opposing goalkeepers from direct free-kicks.

Fantasy Football Midfielders Tip #3: Avoiding the defensive midfielders

Considering the format of the daily fantasy football you can play on Sportito, selecting the defensive midfielders would be a mistake. Although they are important as a link between the defense and offense, they will not provide enough of assists or goals, so at the end of the day, they are rather useless. Don’t forget that the midfielders will also pick some points if their team keeps the net intact, which can come quite handy.

However, the defensive midfielders tend to make a lot of tackles and therefore, they will receive yellow and red cards, which is a lot worse than having the one who will end the game without an assists or goal to his name. Unless they are authoritative in the air and can be useful from set-pieces, it is better to avoid them and choose the offensive-oriented midfielders instead.

Whichever fantasy football formation you opt for, having a creative and offensive midfielders in your daily fantasy football lineup is mandatory, no matter are they specialized in assisting the forwards, or they are capable of finishing the play by themselves. The fact is that the midfielder is the most important part of a football team, so you should keep that on mind when selecting the players for your DFF lineup, because there is no place for mistakes as every point counts.