Sportito is proud to announce three special tournament long games for the Euro’s 2020. With a summer of football fast approaching and Gareth and the boys having already recorded their first win. Sportito has listened to our dedicated fans and created three exciting new games to challenge our managers on the road to the final.

Depending on your budget and knowledge of European football we have something for every type of fantasy football manager.

Sportito has also prepared a big surprise for all of our Fantasy Euro2020 managers and fans, which we will reveal in the coming weeks.

Build your team of 15 elite players and join Sportito’s tournament long games. Play with your friends and challenge managers from around the world. Limited entry so enter your teams quickly.

Please follow our Twitter page, so you’re one of the first to know when the surprise drops.


In this paragraph we explain the main rules about ‘Euro 2020 – Full Tournaments’: from players to substitutions. Read in the block below all terms for the special contest about Euro2020.

To join the league, you need to select 15 players, with a maximum of 4 players from a single team.

  • 2 GoalKeepers
  • 5 Defenders
  • 5 Midfielders
  • 3 Forwards

On Sportito, there are no salary cap restrictions of £100M when building your team.
You can select the best team you want, but keep in mind the form of players and each game schedule to maximize your points each game week and find out one or two players that have flown under the radar

Choose your team

From your 15-player squad, each game week you can choose the best 11 players.
Select your favourite formation and which players will score you the most points. Your remaining 4 players will make up your substitute bench.

All points by your starting 11 players will be added to your game week score. If one or more of your starting 11 players doesn’t play. They will be automatically substituted with a like for like player on your substitute bench. (Defenders for Defenders, Midfielders for Midfielders…)

If you forget to enter a new team for the upcoming game week by its starting time the platform will automatically insert the one from the previous game week to fill the void, but if this team is not available or it differs in its players’ roster from your current 15-player squad then the latter will be used instead.

Select your Captain

Pick a Captain from your game week team to earn extra points. (2X Goalkeepers & Defenders, 1.5X Midfielders & Forwards).
If your Captain doesn’t play you will not earn any additional points in that game week.

Your bench is the safety net in case of injuries or unforeseen events that might affect your starting 11. If a player has not played in the game week, they will be substituted for another player of the same position on your bench, as long as the subbed player earnt game week points.

All changes to your team must be made 5 minutes before the game week starts

Postponed Games

If a match is postponed and it will no longer be played in the original schedule date, any players who are affected will not score points that week.

The original game week will remain open until the postponed match is completed later in the tournament. The final game week score will then updated and be reflected in your league total.

Please note future games weeks will continue to roll on and open then close, before the game week with the postponed match is complete.

If a GW is about to start and you have not picked your team’s formation.

  •  Sportito will use your previous GW’s formation if no transfers have been made.
  • 4-4-2 by default if transfers have been made.

Picking the best formation for each GW can help you maximise points.

Your players will earn points base on their performance in the each game week. Our detailed scoring system which assigns or deducts player points can be found in Sportito general rules section .

Late registration is available until Round of 16 stage. You will get 65% of the total average score for each Matchday you missed

After you have selected your 15-player squad, you can make transfers. On Sportito there are no salary cap or budget restrictions. Pick the best players you need for your tournament’s team.

You will have 1 free transfer for each game week once the contest has started. Transfers are always available. 1st each week is free, additional cost 6 points. Please refer to Match schedule to see when you can use the Wildcards

Bench: changes are allowed between each GW.

Formation: you can setup your formation when you enter each Gameweek. Default is 442

Euro2020 Full Tournament games are schedule to last all the competition long from June 11th to July 11th. The contest mirrors the Uefa competition dividing the group stage from the rest. Check the schedule below to arrange at best your transfers and wildcard choice

  • ⮀ Unlimited Free Transfers: June 11th 19:55 GMT
  • Matchday 1: June 11th – June 15th
  • ⮀ Transfers Window (1st free, additional 6pts/each): June 11th – June 13th
  • ⮀ Transfers Window (1st free, additional 6pts/each): June 14th – June 20th
  • Matchday 2: June 16th – June 19th
  • Matchday 3: June 20th – June 23th
  • ⮀ Transfers Window (1st free, additional 6pts/each): June 21th – June 27th
  • 🗘 Round of 16 Wildcard (change for free all eliminated players): June 24th – June 26th 16:55 GMT
  • Round of 16: June 26th – June 29th
  • 🗘 Quarter-final Wildcard (change for free all eliminated players): June 30th – July 2nd 16:55 GMT
  • Quarter-final: July 2nd – July 3rd
  • 🗘 Semi-final Wildcard (change for free all eliminated players): July 4th – July 6th 19:55 GMT
  • Semi-final: July 6th – July 7th
  • 🗘 Final Wildcard (change for free all eliminated players): July 8th – July 11th 19:55 GMT
  • Final: July 11th 20:00 GMT


How to play Euro 2020 Fantasy Football

Participating in Sportito Euro 2020 Full Tournament game is very easy and simple. Above you have read the general rules now you will find some useful screenshots that will visually guide you through Sportito site and help you to join this 30 days long contest