Since Sportito has become the Official Fantasy Sports’ partner of Queens Park Rangers at the beginning of the 2017/18 season many members from our community had the opportunity to attend the R’s home matches as our guests at Loftus Road before and now at the Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium.


This fan experience is one of our hallmarks and continues to be one of our greatest achievements as 5 QPR match tickets are awarded for every home game of the Rangers. The strong collaboration with the staff at QPR  has made this event a great moment of joy for the lucky winners of this special prize, the best seats are always reserved for Sportito’s users in the South Africa Road Stand.

It’s pretty easy to get to the Kiyan prince Foundation stadium: as one of our registered users you can either win one of our fantasy contests with the QPR match tickets as final prize or You can be chosen (active users have priority) during one of our weekly draws.

At the moment more than 70 unique members of our great community have been rewarded with the QPR match tickets, with long time users steveoqpr and Phillf88 leading this special rank with 8 visits at Loftus Road / Kiyan Prince Foundation stadium. More than 30 Sportito fantasy managers have won QPR match tickets at least twice, with 130 being the total number of invitations and 274 the total number of tickets awarded.

The user who registered most recently which turned out to be a tickets’ winner is Coxy030, who had the great privilege to attend the R’s victorious match at Birmingham on the 11th of December. Giving a look at the numbers of this 2019/20 Championship season each of the past eleven home games had Sportito’s fantasy managers as guests of the club.

The following is the list of  all the matches where Sportito’s users have been among the fans that have attended the R’s home games since the beginning of our partnership with Queens Park Rangers:

UsernameMatchDateTickets won
Coxy030Birmingham vs QPR11/12/20192
bradymtoddingtonQPR vs Preston07/12/20193
martyn.bryceQPR vs Preston07/12/20192
steveoqprQPR vs Nottingham Forest27/11/20192
Phillf88QPR vs Nottingham Forest27/11/20193
njcamQPR vs Middlesbrough09/11/20192
brandz96QPR vs Middlesbrough09/11/20193
bradymtoddingtonQPR vs Brentford28/10/20192
barnardstar10QPR vs Brentford28/10/20193
Coxy030QPR vs Reading22/10/20193
bradymtoddingtonQPR vs Reading22/10/20192
Tonyinlondon07QPR vs Blackburn05/10/20193
coljenksQPR vs Blackburn05/10/20192
W13FootieQPR vs WBA28/09/20193
steveoqprQPR vs WBA28/09/20192
bradymtoddingtonQPR vs Luton Town14/09/20192
davidryan649QPR vs Luton Town14/09/20193
bradymtoddingtonQPR vs Wigan Athletic24/08/20193
fionaqprQPR vs Wigan Athletic24/08/20192
Tonyinlondon07QPR vs Swansea City21/08/20192
soupahoopsQPR vs Swansea City21/08/20193
barnardstar10QPR vs Huddersfield10/08/20193
Phillf88QPR vs Huddersfield10/08/20192
michael_gibbsQPR vs Nottingham Forest27/04/20192
coljenksQPR vs Nottingham Forest27/04/20193
andyqpr007QPR vs Blackburn19/04/20192
Phillf88QPR vs Blackburn19/04/20193
SiegeTheDayQPR vs Swansea City13/04/20193
rangerchris83QPR vs Swansea City13/04/20192
SiegeTheDayQPR vs Bolton30/03/20193
lisawright95.lwQPR vs Bolton30/03/20192
matmcQPR vs Rotherham United13/03/20192
qprallanQPR vs Rotherham United13/03/20193
JamesQPRQPR vs Stoke City09/03/20192
seanb83QPR vs Stoke City09/03/20193
HdhamletQPR vs Leeds26/02/20192
SiegeTheDayQPR vs Leeds26/02/20193
WestfieldQPR vs WBA19/02/20193
steveoqprQPR vs WBA19/02/20192
GunnerGrahamQPR vs Birmingham09/02/20192
Ukfan30QPR vs Birmingham09/02/20193
WarrenQPR vs Preston19/01/20192
rangerchris83QPR vs Preston19/01/20193
STEVEGEEQPR vs Reading29/12/20182
qprQPR vs Reading29/12/20183
HdhamletQPR vs Ipswich Town26/12/20182
andyqpr007QPR vs Ipswich Town26/12/20183
andyqpr007QPR vs Middlesbrough15/12/20182
amicuorejewelQPR vs Middlesbrough15/12/20183
Pownall69QPR vs Hull City01/12/20181
Ukfan30QPR vs Hull City01/12/20182
barnardstar10QPR vs Hull City01/12/20182
andyqpr007QPR vs Brentford10/11/20182
HayStackedQPR vs Brentford10/11/20183
darus26QPR vs Aston Villa26/10/20182
coljenksQPR vs Aston Villa26/10/20183
ppetre15QPR vs Sheffield Wednesday23/10/20182
qprQPR vs Sheffield Wednesday23/10/20183
tomcosQPR vs Derby County06/10/20182
SiegeTheDayQPR vs Derby County06/10/20183
akingoftongaQPR vs Norwich City22/09/20182
rdarbyQPR vs Norwich City22/09/20183
lomez00QPR vs Millwall19/09/20183
qprallanQPR vs Millwall19/09/20182
martyn.bryceQPR vs Wigan25/08/20184
Phillf88QPR vs Wigan25/08/20181
jenny4telQPR vs Bristol City21/08/20182
WestfieldQPR vs Bristol City21/08/20183
rdarbyQPR vs Sheffield United11/08/20181
barnardstar10QPR vs Sheffield United11/08/20182
steveoqprQPR vs Sheffield United11/08/20182
rdarbyQPR vs Birmingham28/04/20182
martinyemiQPR vs Birmingham28/04/20182
leegreenwood21QPR vs Preston14/04/20182
a1882bassQPR vs Preston14/04/20182
qprpaulQPR vs Preston14/04/20182
Matthewdrewett2015QPR vs Sheffield Wednesday10/04/20181
mackenzielee099QPR vs Sheffield Wednesday10/04/20181
a1882bassQPR vs Sheffield Wednesday10/04/20181
jordanorjordzQPR vs Sheffield Wednesday10/04/20181
maylieQPR vs Sheffield Wednesday10/04/20181
steveoqprQPR vs Norwich City02/04/20182
coljenksQPR vs Norwich City02/04/20182
Phillf88QPR vs Norwich City02/04/20181
mcleareQPR vs Sunderland10/03/20182
jordanorjordzQPR vs Sunderland10/03/20181
Dillon97QPR vs Sunderland10/03/20182
warwickdarrenQPR vs Derby County06/03/20181
ferncottageQPR vs Derby County06/03/20182
qprallanQPR vs Derby County06/03/20182
seanb83QPR vs Nottingham Forest24/02/20181
james_constableQPR vs Nottingham Forest24/02/20182
coljenksQPR vs Nottingham Forest24/02/20182
huddy85QPR vs Bolton17/02/20182
martinyemiQPR vs Bolton17/02/20181
lomez00QPR vs Bolton17/02/20182
sdlewis17QPR vs Barnsley03/02/20182
steveoqprQPR vs Barnsley03/02/20182
steveoqprQPR vs Middlesbrough20/01/20182
lomez00QPR vs Middlesbrough20/01/20182
robinjsw92QPR vs Middlesbrough20/01/20182
Boffski_QPR vs MK Dons06/01/20182
freemansonfireQPR vs Cardiff City01/01/20182
Phillf88QPR vs Cardiff City01/01/20181
qprallanQPR vs Cardiff City01/01/20182
aaron_osQPR vs Bristol City23/12/20172
SophiehanleyQPR vs Bristol City23/12/20171
robinjsw92QPR vs Bristol City23/12/20172
seanb83QPR vs Leeds09/12/20171
angelsazQPR vs Leeds09/12/20172
BigFluffyBollardQPR vs Leeds09/12/20172
steveoqprQPR vs Brentford27/11/20171
logan1QPR vs Brentford27/11/20172
SuperhoopQPR vs Brentford27/11/20172
paulstarheroQPR vs Aston Villa18/11/20172
amicuorejewelQPR vs Aston Villa18/11/20171
Phillf88QPR vs Aston Villa18/11/20172
qprpaulQPR vs Sheffield United31/10/20172
BigFluffyBollardQPR vs Sheffield United31/10/20172
lukeqpr88QPR vs Wolves28/10/20172
Phillf88QPR vs Wolves28/10/20172
georgeyboy25QPR vs Wolves28/10/20172
fionaqprQPR vs Fulham29/09/20172
maylieQPR vs Fulham29/09/20171
soupahoopsQPR vs Fulham29/09/20172
maylieQPR vs Burton Albion23/09/20172
georgeyboy25QPR vs Burton Albion23/09/20173
Jako72QPR vs Ipswich Town09/09/20172
parkesysargesincsQPR vs Ipswich Town09/09/20171
londonlaydeeQPR vs Ipswich Town09/09/20172


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A great picture taken from davidryan649 who attended the R’s match against Luton Town the 14th of September of the current 2019/20 season thanks to the tickets offered by Sportito.



The excitement is visible in this picture sent by soupahoops before the kick-off the QPR v Fulham game of the 29th of September of 2017, one of the first games where Sportito’s fantasy managers were invited as guests since the beginning of the parthership with the Rangers.



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